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The women I work with are highly invested in their own health and want a doctor that is equally invested. They are looking for a doctor that takes the time to listen to them AND provide personalized, consistent care that is not only natural and holistic but backed by scientific evidence.

They want their doctor to…
  • See the connections between their symptoms and treat them as a whole person.
  • Clear up the confusion and take away the overwhelm caused by the abundance of health information and misinformation “out there” and to separate the facts from the fads.
  • Give clear, easy to follow guidance and treatment plans designed for their unique needs.
  • Be easily accessible for questions and concerns as they come up along the way.
Wellness Club Members
As a Wellness Club Member you will always have me in your corner! Gone are the days of feeling like you need to be your own doctor -  wasting hours online researching symptoms, medications and natural remedies and getting lost in the black hole of the internet. I’ll be available to guide you on your wellness journey at every step and will be accessible for your questions and concerns along the way.

Wellness Club members get consistent, personalized care for their current needs AND have the opportunity to go deeper and address their whole health - connecting all of their symptoms, making sense of them and treating the true cause naturally and holistically. You’ll also gain the tools to prevent the most debilitating diseases - what I call The Big 4 - Diabetes, Heart disease, Cancers and Dementia.

If you want to feel supported, respected, listened to, and confident that your treatment plan was designed for exactly what YOU NEED to reach YOUR GOALS - the Wellness Club is for you!
It can be a vast, lonely ocean out there. I will be your North Star to guide you to the energetic, happy, balanced and powerful life you deserve as you captain your ship.

Are you ready to optimize how you look and feel?
Your Wellness Club Membership Includes
Four 60 minute consultations over the course of the year
Priority Booking
Expanded appointment times and shorter wait times
Support from me between consultations with private chat

Monthly Webinar

Free Ticket to my monthly Wellness Webinar, a new topic every month
14 Day Cleanse
On Demand, free access to my 14 Day Cleanse Program
20% OFF
20% Discount on everything available in my Wellevate store


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"I so appreciate your help and input over the past year - your insights have been invaluable!"
"Thank you, out of all my doctors, you are the most helpful to me on my wellness journey."