Reclaim your body, mind and zest for life!
Are you...
Bloated or just don't feel as good in your clothes as you used to?
Moody or irritable, and feel "on edge" for no reason?
Tired most of the time because you're not sleeping through the night?
Losing it - losing interest in sex, losing your hair or feel like you're losing your mind?
Frustrated because you're not getting the answers and solutions you need from your doctor?
Sounds like it's perimenopause!
SOLVE Your Perimenopause Puzzle to take charge of your hormones and feel like yourself again!
After decades of helping women in my wellness clinic - showing them how to end the struggle, heal themselves and thrive - I had to share my signature system!

This program is designed to...
Get a handle on your metabolism and feel great in that little black dress
Have a balanced mood and be able to face the challenges of your hectic days feeling fulfilled
Teach you how to recapture a great night's sleep and wake up refreshed
Show you how to reclaim your energy so you can give your best to your loved ones and still have extra energy to devote to yourself 
Share my best kept secrets that fix the underlying causes of hormone imbalances I've seen happening in all women over 40
SOLVE Your Perimenopause Puzzle Program 
Customized Action Plan
DESIGNED BY ME to address your specific symptoms and to help you heal and thrive through perimenopause and menopause. 
Perimenopause Masterclasses
Learn the What, Why and How of perimenopause and menopause - end the struggle and heal yourself to thrive through "the change".
Bonuses to help you thrive
Masterclasses, recipes, meditations and natural remedy protocols all designed to help you feel your best in perimenopause and beyond.
Shift Your Perspective
Finally feel like YOU ARE IN CONTROL of your hormones and not the other way around. Stop wondering IF YOU ARE IN PERIMENOPAUSE - learn how to recognize it, how it wreaks havoc on your whole body and mind and what to do about it so you can reclaim you body, mind and mojo.
Own Your Stress
Did you know that stress can make perimenopause worse and even cause early menopause? And, it doesn't have to be a huge, life-altering stress to do this -  it can be a lower level, constant stress like a demanding job, family responsibilities or a busy schedule. The good news is, the TOLL STRESS TAKES on your body and hormones, IS REVERSIBLE. Reversing stress is your way to FEELING HAPPIER and ENJOYING LIFE
Love Your Liver
Your liver has much more to do with HORMONE BALANCING than you might think!  Loving your liver the the key to REDUCE BLOATING, INCREASING YOUR ENERGY and BOOSTING YOUR METABOLISM.
Value Your Sleep
While you are sleeping you balance hormones, FIX YOUR METABOLISM, clear away brain clutter and PREVENT BRAIN FOG. Perimenopause poses it's own sleep challenges and you will learn how to overcome them, leading to predictable, RESTFUL AND REVITALIZING SLEEP.
Eating for Hormone Balance
You've likely already heard the adage, "you are what you eat," but did you know what you eat can be designed to INCREASE HORMONES THAT YOU ARE MISSING and DECREASE THE HORMONES YOU HAVE TOO MUCH OF? Food is the path to INCREASING LIBIDO, REDUCING BLOATING and regulating your periods - even while you are in perimenopause!
  • CUSTOMIZED ACTION PLAN DESIGNED BY ME to address your specific symptoms and to help you heal and thrive through perimenopause and menopause. Action plan may include nutritional advice, recommendations for herbal remedies or nutritional supplements.
  • GUIDED MEDITATION to set your goals and intentions to thrive during hormone changes.
  • Natural medicine protocols made to address STRESS MANAGEMENT, HOT FLASHES, LIBIDO, HAIR LOSS and SLEEP QUALITY that you can download to use now or in the future as needed.
  • BONUS MASTERCLASSES to reduce the effects of our environment on your hormones and your overall health.

Your Investment = $497
SOLVE Your Perimenopause Puzzle to take charge of your hormones and feel like yourself again!
I'M READY to SOLVE My Perimenopause Puzzle
"Even only half way through the program, I've been feeling really good. A cloud has been lifted from over my head and mentally I am feeling good, my mind feels sharper. Plus, I got my period right on time this month with almost no PMS- this hasn't happened to me in years!"

Meagan, age 42
Trust me, I've been there
My Hormone Horror Show started early on...

In my teens and 20s I had irregular periods that would be on time for months in a row and then disappear for months on end, only to return monthly for no apparent reason! I saw medical doctors, had blood tests and ultrasounds –nothing was found and I was told, “everything looked normal”.

Naturally, when I started naturopathic medical school, female hormones and menstrual cycles were of personal interest. I created a regimen for myself using herbs and nutrition to support my hormones but it wasn’t until I fully embraced a 100% plant based diet that healed my gut, got serious about stress management and made sleep a priority in my life that I was able to have regular, monthly periods in my 30s and 40s.


On the eve of my 40th birthday, I was driving home from my office late at night. I was excited because my boyfriend, Joe, was taking me on a surprise trip for my birthday but I was also so exhausted and emotionally drained that I could barely keep my eyes open - all I could think was, “when we get back from this trip I am going to plan a sabbatical, I need a break”.

Alas, this thought was too late!

My trip was followed by months of reoccurring infections, hair loss, insomnia and eventually my regular monthly cycles, that I had worked so hard for, started to get wonky. This experience of “burn out” was a wake up call for me that forced me to re-evaluate my lifestyle and work-life balance as well as my nutrition and supplement regimen. Knowing the close relationships between stress, insomnia and my hormones, I dove deeper into the causes of my stress and how to manage my triggers daily.

Thankfully, this exploration led me to not only heal myself again but also led me to create the programs I offer todayhelping women who feel their bodies (and minds) are in chaos because of hormonal transitions and the constant stress of our modern lives!
Your Investment = $497
SOLVE Your Perimenopause Puzzle to take charge of your hormones and feel like yourself again!
I'M READY to SOLVE My Perimenopause Puzzle
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